Sound Installation




I Hate My Recorded Voice

Individual voices are like music, with unique rhythms, melodies, and tones. Our own voice is even more unique, with a frequency that is kept to ourselves. This low bass keeps us warm, keeps us comfort, but it also makes our recorded voice sound foreign.

This bass is a result of internal bone conduction. As we speak, the vibration of our voice run through our body and is perceived as low-frequency sound. This "inner voice" is something that can not be heard or recorded, is private to us. As a result, many cringes to their recorded voice.

With a setup of equalizers, microphones and headphones, we developed a way to bring our inner voice out. We hope to share this discomfort of bringing something infinitely private to the public. In hope to be more intimate with our neighbours, and comfortable with our voice.

This was an collaboration with Jacob Bertilsson, Jason Kuo, and Sida Kong.

I Hate My Recorded Voice was an experiential exhibition held at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, 2019